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Jewelry is the perfect gift, from spontaneous gifting to special occasions like an engagement. Having good collections of jewelers to match with different attires can boost your confidence. It makes your presence more elegant and helps you to look even more put together.

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Welcome to AvenueM
Where every piece of jewelry tells a story.
We provide the Finest and the highest quality of jewelry that embraces both the sophisticated and edgy sides of a woman’s personality.
Created by Melissa Saturne each collection is sophisticated and investment-worthy without sacrificing any style and glamour.
Founded in 2020 from a profound love for jewelry and fashion, each pieces from AvenueM were delicately curated with elegance, charm and a modern twist. In order to offer the latest and best to our customers, our company stays current with present and forecasted jewelry trends. We pride ourselves in providing personalized service, exquisite designs and commitment to quality. Our products ranges from necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets with a bit of style, glamour and grace.

AavenueM welcomes you!